Reactive Electrical Services

Ability Property provides reliable, around-the-clock reactive electrical services. We’re committed to working quickly to get your problem solved with the care and expert attention you need. When something goes wrong with your commercial or residential property, an emergency-response electricity service is critical to ensure the safety of tenants and the peace of mind of owners and landlords. We communicate clearly and thoroughly to help determine the nature of each issue, so we can manage the solution in the most efficient way. 

Our portfolio of reactive services extends from emergency electrical services to emergency plumbing, lock changes, roof leaks and many more.

Commercial & Domestic Electrical Repairs

Ability Property operates a large mobile electrical team right across Ireland, offering commercial and domestic electrical services and repairs. We service approved housing bodies, residential properties, the public sector, and large commercial and private buildings.

Emergency Support

Ability Property puts around-the-clock emergency electrical support at your fingertips, providing fast response times to get your problem fixed quickly. As soon as you make contact, our team gets to work to ensure your property remains safe and problem-free.

Electrical Callouts

Our call-out electrical services team provides full diagnostics, repairs, replacements and installations. Whether you have a faulty fuse or short circuit, need repairs for water damage or have a wiring issue that needs fixing, we manage your electrical requirements safely and swiftly.

Expert Electricians Across Ireland

Ability Property has provided the people of Ireland with trusted electrical services for over a decade. From emergency electrical repairs in Dublin to circuit work in Cork, we’re your local expert electricians. 

Our three core service areas include: 


Powering the capital for over a decade, Dublin is home to some of our most experienced electrical teams. Servicing properties from historic Dublin landmarks to brand-new apartment blocks, our technicians offer local knowledge and expert speed.


In Ireland’s cultural centre, Ability Property has teams ready to assist with all things electrical. From large-scale commercial properties to private buildings, the city and surrounding areas of Galway can enjoy our full range of electrical services, including reactive electrical services and emergency call-outs.


In Ireland’s southernmost county, our local Cork team is proud to offer our full range of electrical services. We have mobile teams ready to assist at a moment’s notice right throughout Cork.

Why Choose Our Electrical Services?

Ability Property’s Electrical Services are convenient, reliable and quick. We have fast response times and a large mobile team of expert technicians across the country. We deliver the quality workmanship you expect from an experienced team. Whatever the scale and whatever the problem, we have a technician to fix it.

Got an Emergency Plumbing Repair? Get in Touch!

When you have an electrical emergency on your hands, you need to find the right solution fast. Our total commitment to getting your electrical repair completed means our dynamic and responsive team is waiting 24-7 to take your inquiry. Stop searching and get in touch to feel the relief of help from an experienced electrical service technician.


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