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Professional PAT Testing

Ensure peace of mind with Professional PAT Testing from Ability Property Services. Our certified safe electric engineers periodically inspect, test and provide a comprehensive electrical safety testing service for your equipment, to safeguard your property and ensure you are compliant with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work regulations 2007 – S.I. No. 299 of 2007.

What is Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT, PAT inspection or PAT testing) is a process used to check electrical appliances such as household and kitchen appliances, office and IT equipment and white goods routinely to ensure they are safe to use and are compliant with relevant regulations.

PAT testing equipment involves visually inspecting the device and its power cables for any visible defects and verifying if the appliance is in working order. The device will then be subjected to a series of electrical checks depending upon its classification.

According to the PAT electrical testing requirements, PAT testing in Ireland should be carried out regularly in both commercial and residential settings to comply with standards, extend the lifespan of electrical appliances and ensure its safety.

The Importance of Testing Your Electrical Equipment

We understand that electrical safety is paramount and testing your equipment  according to the PAT testing regulations in Ireland is a legal requirement. 

 It is essential to PAT test your equipment regularly as it: 

  • ensures that you meet the necessary legal compliance and avoid potential penalties
  • assures safety by identifying faults and preventing electrical hazards
  • complies with a safe working environment for people and property

By prioritising the PAT testing, you are not only protected against potential liabilities but also demonstrate your commitment to a safe working environment.  So make sure you are PAT covered today to ensure your electrical items are legitimate and safe to use!

Boiler Maintenance

The lifecycle of boilers becomes energy inefficient with time which requires timely maintenance. Our OFTEC and RGII Engineers deliver over 3,500 boiler services throughout Ireland to both residential and commercial clients. An annual service ensures that the boiler is running to its proper capacity to save money in the long run. Our certified engineers conduct a list of separate checks and tests to help boost your boiler’s energy to meet the OFETC and RGI standards for compliance, safety, and insurance reasons. We service Gas, Oil and Air to Water heating systems.

PAT Testing Service Locations

At Ability Property, we provide PAT testing services nationwide in locations across Ireland.


Ability Property Services offers their PAT Testing services in Dublin to a comprehensive range of commercial and residential clients in Dublin. Our Dublin centre is located at 44, Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. 


Our skilled technicians also conduct PAT testing services in Galway, wherever your properties are situated. The Galway branch is conveniently located at Galway, Unit 20, Royal Rock Buildings, Ballybane, Galway. 


We have the expertise to deliver efficient and reliable PAT testing services to all residents in Cork. Our office is located at Unit P5, Marina Commercial Park, Centre Park Road, Cork.

Why Choose Ability Property for PAT Services?

By choosing Ability Property for PAT electrical testing, you are assured of our commitment built on 12 years of experience.  At Ability, our skilled, certified technicians provide you with a comprehensive service using our state-of-the-art testing technology and new innovative best practices. 

What’s more, we are licensed by the Private Security Authority and are registered as an RGI Gas Installer and Safe Electrical Contractor. We are also ISO 9001: ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Health and Safety, and ISO/PAS 45005 certified and recognised by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.  

Our exceptional customer service goes beyond our call of duty.

Book Your PAT Testing Service with Ability Property

Don’t compromise on the safety of your premises. Choose PAT testing with Ability Property Services to enhance your security. 

PAT testing costs in Ireland will vary according to the supplier. Talk to us to get a personalised complimentary quote. Contact us on our Contact Us form or call us on (091) 395 594 or email: admin@abilityproperty.ieBook your PAT testing service with us today!


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