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Security Services

Safeguard your property and enjoy peace of mind with Ability Property site security services. We assess security risks, develop comprehensive plans, and implement effective security protocols for your specific requirements. With over 12 years of expertise in keeping businesses safe, you can be rest assured our security service will protect your property and respond swiftly to any emergencies

Keyholding and Emergency Response Services

Professional key holding and alarm response is a crucial part of our emergency response security service at Ability Property.

Our keyholding service will hold and safely store your set of keys and/or alarm access codes, at the end of the business day and ensure the secure closure of your building entrances.  Ability property security guards will also respond to any emergencies or security concerns promptly and effectively that occur 24/7 on your premises. 

Our commitment in providing you with reliable security services nationwide is a mark of our trust and professionalism, bound by our commitment to uphold the values of the Private Security Authority Licensing.  

It signifies that we have met rigorous standards set out by the regulatory authorities and ensure our clients receive dedicated and ethical services


Comprehensive Emergency Response Solutions

Immediate Action 

Ability Property’s maintenance team provides quick and expert solutions for any emergencies around the clock. We address concerns quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring your asset is well managed by our PSA Registered security staff and by our certified electricians. Our extended portfolio caters to the needs and requirements of emergency issues ranging from roof leaks, electrical issues, plumbing, lock changes, and much more. 

Tailored Security Plans:

Whatever the security threat in your establishment, we will assess your risk and customise a flexible security service contract in consultation with you. Cutting-edge technology and up-to-date systems will be put in place to make sure that your security plan is tailored to suit your needs.

Boiler Maintenance

The lifecycle of boilers becomes energy inefficient with time which requires timely maintenance. Our OFTEC and RGII Engineers deliver over 3,500 boiler services throughout Ireland to both residential and commercial clients. An annual service ensures that the boiler is running to its proper capacity to save money in the long run. Our certified engineers conduct a list of separate checks and tests to help boost your boiler’s energy to meet the OFETC and RGI standards for compliance, safety, and insurance reasons. We service Gas, Oil and Air to Water heating systems.

Our PSA Licensing - Commitment to Quality

The Private Security Authority licensing in Ireland holds the utmost importance in upholding rigorous standards of training and professionalism within the security industry. 

We, at Ability Property Services strictly adhere to all terms and conditions listed out in the PSA Licensing. According to the PSA security licence, our team undergo rigorous training procedures, ensuring they meet strict regulatory requirements set out by the website, PSA gov ie. This not only guarantees top-notch security services, but also assures you of our adherence to the Irish security regulations and standards.

For peace of mind and uncompromising security solutions, choose a PSA licensed locksmith and verify their PSA licence credentials through a PSA licence check today!

Security Service Locations

Ability Property Services offers a nationwide security service to our clients across Ireland postcodes in Dublin, Galway and Cork. 


Trust us to deliver professional and reliable security services in Dublin tailored to meet your needs. Our security company in Dublin is located at 44 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. 


From retail establishments to industrial sites or commercial buildings, we provide top-quality emergency response and security services to Galway residents. Visit our premises at Unit 20, Royal Rock Buildings, Ballybane, Galway. 


Ability Property Services provides unparalleled security for all residents of this city. The Security services at Cork are conveniently located at Unit P5, Marina Commercial Park, Centre Park Road, Cork.

Why Choose Ability Property for Your Security Needs?

Ability Property Services has been delivering property maintenance and security services nationwide for over 12 years and we are reputed as a trusted and reliable security company in Ireland. Our transparent work ethic is evident in the trust that people have placed in us over the years. 

What’s more, we are licensed by the Private Security Authority and are registered as a RGI Gas Installer and Safe Electrical Contractor. We are also ISO 9001: ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Health and Safety, and ISO/PAS 45005 certified and recognised by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.  

We believe in creating an environment where people feel valued. We are customer focused and put our people, quality of living and workplace culture ahead of profit.

Get Started with Ability Property Security Services

Whether it’s safeguarding your property or rapidly responding to emergencies, you can be rest assured we are the right people for the job. 

Get in touch with our team today to get your free quote or consultation. You can contact us on (091) 395 594 or email us on, or alternatively, you can also get in touch, through our online contact us form.


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