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Home & Commercial Cleaning Services

Clean surroundings make a difference. A spotless residential block or commercial space gives off a great first impression and makes your visitors, customers, or clients feel more comfortable, all because you paid attention to the little things. 

Serving the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, Ability Property offers cleaning services for any type of job. No ‘ifs’, ‘ands’, or ‘buts’ about it: if it can be cleaned, then we can do it. 

Our deep cleaning services consist of a layered approach to get into every nook and cranny of your space, eliminating dust, dirt, and grime you didn’t even know was there.

Cleaning Services

Ability Property Services are the trusted cleaning experts for when you want the job done right the first time.

Our varied team of professional cleaners and widespread availability throughout the country allows us to proudly offer our services to industries such as commercial and finance, accommodation, retail and block management, just to name a few.

Home Cleaning

Our home cleaning services do exactly what it says on the tin. For all tower block owners, we offer a premium ongoing service that can be renewed at the frequency of your choosing.

Commercial Cleaning

We take a calculated approach to commercial cleaning, servicing areas such as office spaces, hospitals, and hotels. We begin our cleaning either very early in the morning or super late at night to not disrupt your business during normal trading hours.

Industrial Cleaning

We offer contract and industrial cleaning services for educational facilities, factories, warehouses and more. Our number one priority is to keep these important facilities clean, safe, and free of potential hazards.

Cleaning Locations

With separate offices across the whole of Ireland, we offer our services virtually anywhere in the country. We have offices located in Dublin, Galway, and Cork for your convenience. 

Contact the office closest to you to arrange a contract cleaning for your facility.


We offer cleaning services in Dublin and surrounding areas. Contact us at our head office: (01) 9696712.


For cleaning services near Galway, contact us at our Galway office: (091) 395 594.


For cleaning services near Cork, contact us at our Cork office: (021) 242 9015.

Boiler Maintenance

The lifecycle of boilers becomes energy inefficient with time which requires timely maintenance. Our OFTEC and RGII Engineers deliver over 3,500 boiler services throughout Ireland to both residential and commercial clients. An annual service ensures that the boiler is running to its proper capacity to save money in the long run. Our certified engineers conduct a list of separate checks and tests to help boost your boiler’s energy to meet the OFETC and RGI standards for compliance, safety, and insurance reasons. We service Gas, Oil and Air to Water heating systems.

Why Choose Our Cleaning Services?

Ability Property has been servicing Ireland for almost two decades, providing businesses with quality services at an affordable and transparent price. We work with you to get the job done exactly as you intended, often exceeding expectations and forging long-lasting relationships.

Our highly experienced and professional cleaning team is managed by our cleaning operations manager, who reports directly to the Board. Our cleaning team cleans offices, shopping centres, block management buildings and other facilities across the country.

We proudly stand by the work we do, and the results speak for themselves. We are certain that we can clean any facility to an industry-leading standard, as we have been doing for so many years now. 

Choose us for reliable, honest and exceptional work.

Get in Touch To Book!

For nationwide cleaning services of any scale, contact Ability Property Services for a free quote.

From flat blocks to offices, retail spaces, healthcare facilities and more, we’ve got you covered.


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